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Do We Need A Rehearsal?

If you select package one which does not include a rehearsal,we will make sure all the details are ironed out in our initial meeting.It really is up to you and how comfortable you are with the itinerary.

How Long Is The Ceremony?

Between six and twelve minutes. Quick ceremonies generally accompany light hearted weddings. Although I have performed ceremonies that have lasted thirty to forty minutes.It really will depend on what you want included in the ceremony.

Can We Write Our Own Vows?

You Bet! At the consultation you will receive a ceremony workbook to give you ideas.

What Do You Wear?

You tell me- suits- casual-clergy robe- its your decision.

Do You Supply A Sound System?

That should be supplied by DJ or band.

What Should We Do To Prepare?

Write down any question's you think of, don't be embarrassed to ask.If you forget to ask at our initial meeting, you can always call or send an email to me. 

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