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Planning on attending a Bridal Expo?

Posted by Rev Charles Hall on December 28, 2017 at 11:10 PM

Bridal shows are just great places to talk to the experts and get great information that you’d never find anywhere else. Be prepared! It can get crazy busy! People everywhere, tons of information, some free stuff and lots of drawings to enter.

Some tips and advice to get you through the event alive!

*Wear comfy shoes! Don’t carry a heavy purse and bring your cell phone to take lots of pics

*Bring a bottle of water. You’ll be talking to a lot of people.

*Don’t go hungry. Yes, there may be cake samples, but not enough for a full meal!

* Make an email account dedicated to all things wedding. Last thing you want is all the vendors sending emails to a work email or your everyday email address.

*Make a couple sheets of labels with your name wedding info email phone # You will thank the lord you made these, because trying to fill out those entry sheets while holding a giant bag of brochures and trying to squeeze in between people is tough enough without having to write on a piece of paper too.

*If you get a chance to talk to a vendor, write notes on the back of their business card about what you thought about them. Could be as simple as a “NO” or you could write down what you talked about. This will help jog your memory once you get home and separate your goodies.

* Bring a notebook and a pen; some booths don’t have handouts with the pricing information listed you may find it useful to write it in a notebook.

*Grab tons of information and go around twice. Make sure you see everything and come back to your favorite vendors to ask questions. A good time to visit a vendor if the show is really packed is during the fashion show as allot of people will flock to watch the show.

*Tip from a frugal bride is she bought gift bags that were brightly colored and labeled each one “flowers,” “cake,” “music,” etc. When she got home she put the literature from different vendors in the appropriate bag. This saved a ton of hassle when she was looking for the info from that one florist she really liked, or the cake place that had a pink flyer.

*Make sure to ask a lot of questions. That is why we are here to help you realize your dreams!

But most of all, take it all in, and have lots of fun.


Rev C Hall

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